Thursday, 23 July 2015

Possible self build technologies

The house my wife and I built in France used mostly traditional building technology, cement blocks for walls, wooden roof timbers (engineered beams for 8m span) and cement floors with underfloor heating embedded.  We did everything but it was slow. 

However times are a changing and now Computer Aided Design (CAD) Systems are being linked to machines to produce framing/building systems.  This is very important for self builders and particularly for Aberdeen.  In France we got 300 days of sun every year.  So almost every day was a building day.  Not so in Aberdeen.  So speed of erection of the shell is paramount and also so is simplicity.

Here are a couple of videos, one using steel framing, we used some in France for internal walls but never for a whole house:

Steel framed house

More Information on the Steel framing system

Then there is the open source Wiki house system:

Wiki open source house

More information on the Wiki House system